A Shepherd, Michigan man tossed a lotto ticket in his truck 4 months ago and just realized it was a huge winner.

In our wildest dreams, most of us can't imagine winning a $2 million lotto jackpot.  However, I can imagine not knowing I had a winning ticket and just driving around with it in my truck for 4 months.  It's never happened, as far as I know, but I find that very relatable.  That very thing happened to a 29-year-old man in a small town near Mount Pleasant, Michigan recently.  He occasionally grabs a handful of scratch-off tickets after work.  He scratched this one ticket and thought he didn't win anything, so he tossed it in his truck's center console.  The lotto winner wishes to remain anonymous, but he told the Michigan Lottery about the shocking discovery he made 4 months after tossing that lottery ticket in his console,

About a week ago, my wife gave me a few tickets to take to the store and check, so I grabbed the tickets in my center console to double check. When I scanned the Money ticket, I got a message to file a claim at the Lottery office. I went back out to my truck to look the ticket over and realized I’d matched number 13. When I revealed the ‘$2 MIL’ symbol underneath, I was speechless. It is a miracle this ticket didn’t end up in the trash!

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The young and very lucky Michigan man has no plans of spending his winnings on anything big.  He wants to make sure his family can be comfortable in the future.

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