We all want to support local artists, and we should whenever we get the chance. But, only every once in a while do I see a piece of work that makes me gasp.

I came across this North Michigan artist on Tiktok. On the app, she goes by Samantha Hall or @samanthahallart. While she hasn't uploaded a ton of videos, the ones she has uploaded stopped my endless scrolling in its tracks.

Using only pencils, Samantha creates these incredibly life-like drawings of animals native to Michigan (and some pets, too.)

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Check out a few below:

Check Out These Stunning Drawings Done by a North Michigan Artist

Found on Tiktok, this Northern Michigan artist is creating incredibly realistic drawings of both native Michigan animals and some adorable pets, too.

That Black Bear, though!

Currently, she doesn't have a huge Tiktok following which, to me, is shocking. But, you can also find her on Instagram where she has a link to her store should you be interested in purchasing one of her creations.

She's not the only North Michigan artist creating incredible works of art. Though in another style, I recently came across an artist who created an entire series titled Yooper Gnomes and they are just so cute:

Check Out The Adorable "Yooper Gnomes" Created by a Michigan Artist

Capturing the amazing things about Michigan's U.P., ArtbyKristAn has created adorable watercolors she has dubbed Yooper Gnomes

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