Most of us learned this as teenagers, but why do drivers from Ohio seem so perplexed?

Michigan Lefts? Winter Driving? Lake Effect Snow? That's just another day in Pure Michigan.

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However, they do things a little differently over in the Buckeye State!

Welcome to Ohio

Of course I'll be the first to admit Michigan drivers are a breed all their own. They're not Chicago-level crazy, those drivers seem to have a death wish, but we're no angels on the road either.

But why do drivers from Ohio seem to be so confused by:


Whether you call it a "traffic circle" or a "roundabout" (there is a slight difference) it seems like most drivers, but most especially those with Ohio plate, seem to have problems navigating these new intersections.

Roundabouts in Michigan

I've got bad news for opponents of the traffic circle: according to Michigan Auto Law there are currently over 100 roundabouts in use throughout Michigan with more planned each year!

Michigan roundabout

Even Kalamazoo County alone saw at least two new roundabouts open in 2023 in addition to several temporary traffic circles that were placed throughout small city neighborhoods.

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) roundabouts not only reduce congestion and air pollution, but also saves money, improve aesthetics and,

reduce head-on/left-turn and angle-type crashes that frequently result in serious or fatal injuries. Generally, roundabouts are safer for pedestrians due to the lower speeds.

If they're safe, then why all the hate for roundabouts? I happen to love the concept and find them easier and quicker to navigate than traditional 4-way stops, but I feel like most drivers disagree.

Here's what Kalamazoo drivers have said regarding previous roundabout installations:

  • "Traffic calming= traffic back ups. This is what the city council wants." - Aaron Conley
  • "Our neighborhood roads are in such bad shape. Is a traffic circle really needed?? Not exactly a high traffic area." Elizabeth Roelofs

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