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Seriously, I don't understand why roundabouts get such a bad rap. Would I rather continue driving than come to a complete stop if there are no cars coming? Yes. I fail to see the problem here!

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Despite studies showing roundabouts are in fact safer than traditional 4-way stops, all you have to simply do is whisper the word "roundabout" to anyone in Southwest Michigan and you'll find an angry mob of drivers on your doorstep telling you why roundabouts are the worst thing that have ever happened to humanity.

And don't get us started on bike lanes!

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Buckle Up, Battle Creek!

Residents of nearby Kalamazoo know the struggles of roundabouts all too well and it appears our friends in Battle Creek will soon follow suit as the city's newest roundabout is set to open next month.

Per MLive the $1.7 million roundabout will redirect traffic near the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base; in fact, the project will actually move the entrance to the base from from Dickman Road to Skyline Drive. City of Battle Creek spokeswoman Jessica L. Vanderkolk told MLive,

The roundabout design was chosen because it increases the level of service and safety for that intersection, and roundabouts also reduce vehicle emissions, since more traffic is able to flow

In addition to the base the new roundabout will also help control traffic in and around the Fort Custer Industrial Park. For the time being traffic has been redirected, but city official anticipate the new roundabout being open by the end of November.

Are traffic circles or roundabouts really so bad? Or is the problem just Michigan drivers who don't understand how to use them?

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