A woman who was struggling financially found a ton of money and didn't keep a dollar.  What happened next will give you hope.

Dianne Gordon is a hard-working woman in White Lake Township, Michigan. She's hit hard times with her car breaking down in February of 2022. Every day for the last year she has walked nearly 3 miles to work. Lately, that walk has been during frigid temps and lots of snow. It was on her walk to work one day in late January when she found a plastic bag full of money as she was about to walk into a gas station.

Imagine walking to work in this weather because your car died and you found $15,000 on the ground. A lot of us might see this as a sign from God and get that car fixed at the very least. Not Dianne. She told Fox 2 Detroit that she didn't think twice about what to do next,

This doesn’t belong to me, I need to call a police officer.

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The police dug into the bag to find wedding cards and nearly $15,000 in cash from a wedding that likely just took place on that day. The wife of one of the police officers was so moved by Dianne's actions that she started a GoFundMe for her.

The GoFundMe for Dianne Gordon was set up with a goal of $25,000 to help her get a new car.  The GoFundMe has raised $82,675 since it was created on February 1st.

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