In recent years, conversations about mental health have become more and more mainstream. Which, is a good thing. The more people can openly communicate about their struggles, the less likely they are to feel completely alone in those struggles.

With the subject of mental health in mind, the state of Michigan has created a new mental health hub for employers and employees alike.

What It's All About

After skimming the proposal from the state of Michigan, I will say this is definitely targeted more toward employers to help them create a better work environment. But, employees can benefit, too.

The LEO's hub (Labor and Economic Opportunity) includes reports and statistics about mental health like how 69 million Americans experienced either depression or anxiety in 2020 alone. It also addresses how to recognize signs of toxic, chronic stress in the workplace and in employees and what to do about it.

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Through the hub, employers can also attend webinars to further their education about mental health. And, should you want a strategy to create a healthy, safe workplace for all employees, you can check out the in-state and national resources that can help you create one.

Why Employers Should Care About Their Employee's Mental Health

Inevitably, there are people who sometimes don't "get" the issues with mental health. It's a lot of "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" and "well, back in MY day" kind of thinking that attributes to people in the workplace wanting to hide how they're really feeling.

And while it may not be the employer's responsibility to know an employee's mental health status at all times, ensuring that your workplace is not toxic actually pays off.

According to a statistic shared by, employees that believe that their employer cares about their well-being are:

  • 69% less likely to seek out a new job
  • 71% less likely to report feeling burned out
  • 3x more likely to be engaged at work

And more. If we're talking numbers, it's been proven that retaining employees is much more cost-effective than hiring new talent. Read more here.

Speaking from personal experience, knowing that a boss actually cared about me made it so much easier to get through stressful days or situations. I've been a bartender, a receptionist, and a nanny...and in every situation, it was abundantly clear when an employer cared. And, when they didn't.

See everything the new LEO Workplace Hub offers and how it can help you transform your workplace into a healthy, appealing environment for current and future employees here.

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