This is the second year in a row farmers have faced a $9.2 million loss.

According to the Michigan Ag. Council, Michigan produces more than 21.2 million pounds of peaches each year, but thanks to a changing climate that number is dwindling drastically.

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Now that it's nearly 90 degrees out it's hard to remember this past winter, but I remember it being mostly mild along the lakeshore minus, a few big storms and some bitterly cold days.

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Kalamzoo's WWMT reports that an unexpected cold snap in January is ultimately what seems to have done the peaches in explaining,

After a cold January, many local farmers' peach crop couldn't survive, as peach buds aren't really built to withstand negative temperatures...This is the second year in a row Michiana farmers are suffering a loss.. as negative temperatures froze the peach buds beyond saving.

Where Do Peaches Grow?

While Atlanta has staked its claim on the peach, the Michigan-Indiana (Michiana) area can definitely hold its own! Fresh Michigan peaches are usually on-season from July to mid-September, according to the Michigan Ag Council which adds,

Most Michigan peaches are grown in the west central to southwest corner, close to Lake Michigan. Peaches are also grown in the east along Lake St. Clair and in the northwest Grand Rapids area

Are Other Fruits in Danger?

Thankfully it appears our other crops across Michigan and in Indiana have remained relatively unaffected. Which comes as a relief as we've got the National Blueberry Festival in South Haven and the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City.

However, with record-low ice levels on the Great Lakes this winter and record-high temperatures expected this summer, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried-- about everything. 

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