A TikTok video of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson riding a pay-and-ride electric scooter in downtown Detroit has been circulating the internet and sparking tons of trade conversation on whether or not Jackson will be wearing Honolulu Blue and Silver soon.

The talented QB has been in contract negotiations with his current team all season long. As the talks continue to drag on, more teams and fans around the NFL begin to think they'll have a chance to land the signal caller in a trade or free agency.

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The video that was posted to TikTok shows a group of fans casually running into the superstar athlete while in the downtown streets of Detroit. Jackson was strolling down the sidewalk and enjoying his ride when the fans waved him down for a chat.

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The video cuts off as he gives the group handshakes and they begin to have a conversation, if I had to guess, they were speaking about last year's upcoming game between the Lions and the Ravens. The comments under the video have many wondering if Lamar to Detroit has some validity behind it or was the quarterback just enjoying a night out.

The Detroit Lions faithful flooded the comment section basically pleading for him to come and save them from their lifetime of losing. Comments such as "I'm telling you Lions are like doing secret meetings lets get Lamar we have so much cap space for him", "Lamar gonna come to Detroit cheap, win us a super bowl", and "Play for the Lions please" show how desperate the fans are to have a good team.

At the same time, many were commenting on the event itself, why a celebrity as big as Lamar would be out with a small security presence and wearing expensive clothing and jewelry, especially in a city like Detroit.

Some of the comments eluded at the city not being the safest space, as fans said things like "No way Lamar would be in Detroit downtown like that no way in hell", "Bro is soooo bold to be having his jewelry out in Detroit at night", "Nah bro this the only city you don’t want to be doing that stuff in", and "Nah real stuff he bold going out in DETROIT of all places with the jewelry and no security. Man's wilding."

Realistically, do the Lions have a chance to land the highly touted QB? Sorry to break it to the Michiganders but Lamar isn't likely coming up here. He will be an unrestricted free agent this upcoming offseason and may be up for grabs if the Ravens can't come to a deal with him or use their franchise tag. Could this late-night scooter joyride be a foreshadowing bright spot or just meaningless time in town?

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