It's one of the most infamous bridges in Michigan and no, I'm actually not talking about the Mackinac Bridge, for once!

This bridge has garnered a reputation as "Michigan's scariest bridge" but honestly, what could be so scary about a suspended pedestrian footbridge?!

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I will admit, I was "today years old" when I first learned of the existence of Crosswell, Michigan. No offense to Crosswell, but I just don't get over to The Thumb that often. I'll take a wild guess and say you're probably not very familiar with Crosswell either. And if you are, well then it's probably because it's home to the "scariest" bridge in the state: The Crosswell Swinging Bridge.

According to Pure Michigan the bridge in Crosswell is proclaimed to be the the longest spanning suspension footbridge in Michigan, but as the website states,

although, Michigan really does not have many bridges of this type to begin with

This bridge is truly in a category all its own!

MLive via YouTube
MLive via YouTube

About the Footbridge

According to one historic bridge enthusiast group (yes, that's a thing) the bridge spanning the Black River was built in 1905 by the Michigan Sugar Company as an easier means for their workers who lived on the other side of the river to get to work.

Over the years, the foot bridge they constructed has evolved from a crude crossing for workers into a locally famous landmark that connects downtown Croswell to a park and is known as the Swinging Bridge, a name given to it because of how the bridge swings and bounces as people walk across it.

This is also the bridge that has seemingly random signs telling you to "Be Good To Your Mother-In-Law" and to "Love Ye One Another"; although the mother-in-law sign is the only one that remains.

MLive via YouTube
MLive via YouTube

But What's So Scary About It?

I've not had a chance to cross the bridge yet myself but if ever given the opportunity, I'm not sure that I dare brave an attempt!

Those who have crossed say the bridge is incredibly wobbly and will begin to sway at the slightest touch-- there's where the whole "swinging bridge" part comes into play! That must be the reason the nearby sign says the bridge is limited to 50 people at one time.

True the bridge is old, but locals claim they'd be surprised if there was one original part of the 1905 bridge remaining at this point. You can see the patch job they've done replacing miscellaneous boards at varying lengths apart.

The bridge also sits suspended about the Black River, but I've heard the bridge is actually much higher than appears in video. See for yourself, watch pedestrians attempt to cross in the video below:

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