I recently looked at some of the very best stadiums and arenas in Michigan to find the largest crowd for a single event in Michigan history. Unfortunately, not every stadium in Michigan lives up to the best in the state.

Of course, some of that feeling is subjective. Some folks like a smaller stadium, away from the insanity of the large, loud crowds. Better yet, they went to those smaller schools and have a tighter passion with their alma mater.

Still, a ranking of the 35 worst college football stadiums (FBS only) was recently put together over at Boxing News. The rankings were purely the writer's opinion but backed up with some solid commentary (he wasn't just drawing stadiums out of a hat, at least.)

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The list is full of MAC schools, and two Michigan MAC programs saw their home turf in the top-20 worst stadiums.

At No. 19, the home of the Central Michigan Chippewas,  Kelly/Shorts Stadium.

"Kelly/Shorts Stadium’s architectural design is relatively bland and uninspiring, lacking the unique features and character that often define memorable college football venues. The absence of distinctive elements can contribute to a less engaging and less passionate atmosphere on game days."

Well then. Kelly/Shorts Stadium typically isn't one of the first stadiums you think of when it comes to FBS Michigan teams. Waldo Stadium has an intriguing name, Rynearson Stadium has a grey field. Comparatively, it's easy to see why Kelly/Shorts Stadium might feel a little generic to an outsider.

However, one of those stadiums did land in the top 10 worst stadiums.

At No. 10, the home of the Western Michigan Broncos, Waldo Stadium.

"In an age where modern amenities and an enhanced fan experience are paramount, Waldo Stadium falls short, failing to meet the expectations of comfort and convenience that college football spectators now demand."

To be fair, Waldo Stadium will soon see renovations to the Stadium Club and President's Suite within the coming years. That may not do anything for their placement on the list though. Troy University's Veteran's Memorial Stadium recently underwent heavy renovations and was still the runner-up to the worst stadium overall.

If you disagree with these rankings, you're not alone. There are certainly worse stadiums out there, some that were more recently built too. Others simply can't be filled.

Waldo Stadium may not be a state-of-the-art facility, but it packs in a healthy number of fans who seems to enjoy their experience cheering on the Broncos. It's not like Waldo Stadium is some archaic structure either - it was built in the 80s and doesn't stick out negatively in its design choices.

The larger complaints around Waldo in Kalamazoo likely surround how close the stadium is to the main road, lack of parking, and how the cannon shots ring throughout the city when the Broncos score.

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