It never fails. Where there exist people, there will be those who turn their noses up as if birthrights are still a thing. Get out the silver spoon and caviar, because we're talking the most obnoxiously snobby places in all of Michigan.

A few months back, I took a spin around the state to look at the trashiest cities in the Mitten and came away with some surprise entrants. Of course, being from the South myself, I'm familiar with the white trash that can pollute the outskirts of town. But those snobby suburbs, they aren't safe either.

Isn't snobbiness so much worse than trashiness, though? You've got the money even if it's hidden in credit card debt. You've got the career even if it's sucking the happiness right out of your soul. You've got the trophy wife even if you're unknowingly sharing her. Turn your nose up at those who can't have it all if you want, at least the delusion hasn't set in for them.

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But, just like the trashiest cities, the snobbiest are all subjective too. Road Snacks provided the science, I'm just giving you unbiased commentary. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you. But if you're just a tiny bit snobby, no one is going to be surprised when you share this article with your friend Jill to gossip about how snobby Karen's neighborhood is.

So peak out the curtains to complain about the neighbor's dog, or berate their teenage daughter for the crowd she runs with on the weekends, understand that this is all a joke anyway, and enjoy this list of the 10 snobbiest cities in all of Michigan.

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Maybe it's science, maybe it's all in good fun, but these are the 10 trashiest cities in Michigan according to Road Snacks.

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