They say misery loves company, so that must be why some of the most miserable cities in the entire United States are all clumped together here in the Midwest. For all the natural trash talk that gets carried between the states these cities belong to, it seems like it's all just a projection to keep their minds off of how miserable they are.

Still, the irony is how much state pride the Midwest carries. The four Midwest states that have cities on this list are known for their state pride. But that only adds to how shocking it is that so many cities in this area have fallen into such disarray to leave their populations so miserable.

Naturally, there are several justifiable reasons for the misery that exists in each of these prominent cities. Fortunately for much of America, they don't have to deal with all of the same factors.

Forbes put together a list of the top 19 most miserable cities in America by looking at factors such as crime, the weather, taxes and professional sports teams' success among many others to determine the most miserable cities in the United States.

While the list appeared to be a top 20 list, there is no #9 and there are 20 slides in their gallery linked here.

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Nine of those 19 cities are in four Midwest states: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Only three other states helped make up the list: California, Florida and Tennessee. Miami, Florida, took the top spot for the most miserable city while California had the most entries with six miserable cities.

Michigan leads the way in the Midwest with three entries while Ohio has two and Illinois and Indiana each have one. The gallery below lists the Midwest's miserable cities in the order they were ranked by Forbes.

9 Miserable Midwest Cities

These Midwest cities are some of the most miserable in the United States, according to Forbes.

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison

The Most Fun Cities in the Midwest

According to a study from WalletHub, these are the most fun cities in our corner of the Midwest (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio) ranked from least fun to most fun.

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