I grew up near the Gulf of Mexico, trust me, I know good seafood. When I moved north, I knew that was something I'd be sacrificing. Thankfully, my family back home makes it a point to find great seafood restaurants when I visit.

That said, finding great seafood in Michigan is not something I've really bothered with since moving here. It's hard to expect much, especially when there are so many areas you can't even eat what you catch when you go fishing. Still, the time will come to see which restaurants in Michigan can earn my respect as quality, fresh seafood.

Though the summer has come and gone, I did just get back from a trip from the deep south and had that same thought that I really miss good seafood on my dinner plate. So I looked around for some articles to see who could possibly come up with the best seafood restaurant in Michigan, and I think I've found one I'd like to give a try.

Cheapism named the single best seafood restaurant in every state across the country and for Michigan the site saw one in Southeast Michigan worth acknowledging. Streetside Seafood in Birmingham was Cheapism's choice for the best in Michigan, noting that of the three land-based food items, green salad and coleslaw take up two of the options. This is mostly said in jest, as there are only three actual options for entrees, chicken, cheeseburger or filet mignon.

Being where we are in the country, it's hard to get truly fresh seafood. Based on Streetside Seafood's website, they aren't pulling punches about their fish, as the catches come from "the nation's seas, lakes and streams." However, based on their body of work, and prices, they seem to be promising an exquisite seafood dining experience.

Every day, Streetside Seafood’s talented chefs serve up a menu that puts a contemporary twist on seafood favorites. Daily specials are seasonal and feature the freshest catches around. Complete your meal with a well-paired wine – Streetside’s award-winning selection makes the bar a local favorite.

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It's worth noting that their Instagram bio boasts having the freshest fare in town too.

Streetside Seafood is priced with the best of them. The cheapest seafood item on the menu is $26. So come prepared to pay a pretty penny while expecting it to be worth it. In my experience, good seafood should hit you square in the wallet anyway.

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