If you happened to hear an earlier forecast for the winter for 2023-24 perhaps it was loaded with dire warnings of frigid temperatures and heavy snow. A revised outlook from the National Weather Service says the opposite for Michigan.

The Climate Prediction Center has released a new 3 Month Outlook for January-February-March of 2024, the heart of the upcoming winter. Perhaps surprisingly, the outlook calls for much warmer temperatures and drier conditions for the northern tier of the county including Michigan.

Looking at the temperature outlook, southern Michigan, say from the border to a line from Ludington to Saginaw will be above average will all of Northern Michigan will trend well above average temperatures.

In terms of precipitation, all of Michigan is forecast to see much lower than average rain/snow fall. In fact, Michigan appears to be in the region of the country that is predicted to be most off of their average precipitation.

Climate predictions like these are intended to be overall trends and certainly not intended to mean we won't see any snow or cold temps this winter - of course, we will. Rather, the forecasters are saying that the overall season may be warmer and drier than average.

Check out the maps from the Climate Prediction Center

Winter 2023 Temperature Outlook

Winter 2024 Temp Outlook

Winter 2023 Precipitation Outlook

Winter 2024 Precip Outlook

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