A seemingly simple question popped up on Facebook recently and sparked a bit of debate and questioning, is Michigan's mitten right or lefthanded?

The answer may seem simple and obvious but dig in a bit and you'll see it gets a little more complicated.

The question arose on the Google Earth, Structures and Anomalies Facebook group. The poster shared the image of Michigan's Lower Peninsula with the mitten shape outlined. He states, "Oh look - it's a left hand mitten! I wonder where the right one is?"

Is it really a lefthanded mitten, though? Is that what you would initially say?

The Michigan mitten's Thumb is placed to the right relative to the rest of the hand, so if you're looking at the back of the hand, it's a left-handed mitt.

But if you were to look at the palm of the hand, the thumb is on the left and representative of Michigan.

Michiganders who do the 'hand map' track almost universally point to locations on the palm of the hand lending credence to the Michigan mitten being righthanded.

So what say you, Neddy, is the Michigan Mitten for lefties or not?


Here's what the masses on social media had to say to the left or right question:

How do you know that’s not the palm side of a right hand mitten?

It depends on what way you look at it could be a right handed mitten

It's on the right hand side of the world

Wisconsin is the only true holder of the mitten state. If you want to be the mitten state, give up the U.P.

Yeah, no. That's where we gotta end this. Wisconsin just ain't no mitten.

For what it's worth, you can do the Michigan hand map for the Upper Peninsula as well. You can also make a relatively accurate hand map of DetroitWest Virginians have tried to copy the Michigan hand map - it's just not the same.

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