For many years the Michigan Secretary of State offered a special issue tag called the "Spectacular Peninsuals" plate. Millions of cars around Michigan sported the design before it was shelved in 2021 replaced by the retro Water-Winter Wonderland places.

The Spectacular Peninsulas place incorporated a design element used by several states that offer a panoramic vision of several aspects of the state. The plate features an urban skyline to beach grass then dense forests across the top of the plate.

New York mimicked the concept for their current standard issue plate which features Niaraga Falls to the Statue of Liberty - New York City skyline and Long Island lighthouse.

Michigan Spectacular Peninsulas Plate Pays Homage to 4 Michigan Cities

The surprising detail is that the city skyline on the Michigan plate isn't just Detroit as you may suspect. Michigan's four largest cities are represented. The buildings depicted are from Grand Rapids, Lansing, Flint and Detroit.

You may have this plate on your vehicle now and never knew.

The Spectacular Peninsulas plate was introduced in 2007 and replaced the Great Lakes Splendor plate. Since the plate was retired in 2021, it's not yet got the cache to be 'retro' so don't expect any re-releases by the Secretary of State soon.

You can no longer get a Spectacular Peninsula plate new on your car. Collectors can easily find them on sites like eBay.

Michigan offers several (but not many compared to other states) ways to personalize the plate you put on your ride. But these phrases - they're not allowed.

Personalized Plates You Can't Have in Michigan

Lots of us like to express our individuality, but when it comes to state-issued personalized license plates, there are some restrictions.

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