There's an epidemic of new state border welcome signs in states bordering Michigan.

Recently Indiana released a widely mocked welcome sign offering "More to Discover In Indiana."

Ohio changed welcome signs across the state only in 2019 to a slogan of 'Find it Here' spelled out in a strange child-like font. Like the recent Indiana welcome sign change, the Find it Here signs were ridiculed online.

Always chasing the stalwart Pure Michigan, Ohio has changed state tourism slogans again. Rather, they have reverted to a slogan that was used previously, Ohio: The Heart of it All. That slogan was first used in the 1980s.

A new tourism slogan means new signs at all state border crossings. Without the silly mocking of the image above, here's the new Ohio state welcome sign:

Perhaps you noticed something I did as well - and something not all state welcome signs have - the name of the governor and lieutenant governor. That political pomposity may lead you to think of the added expense of changing all the signs all over the state when the office changes hands.

The question was raised by an Ohioan on Facebook. Here's how the state DOT responded, "we've had the names on the signs for several decades. The full sign isn't replaced when the names change. An overlay is inserted and switched out. Thanks for asking!"

So for Michiganders who may be going to see a game at that School Down South or heading to Cedar Point, when you leave the friendly confines of the state of Michigan, be on the look out for these new Ohio welcome signs. Then on your return trip, anticipate the comfort that comes with crossing north back into Pure Michigan.

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