Alex Anzalone may not be the first name out of someone's mouth if you say, "Name a Detroit Lions player." They're more likely to blurt out the name of quarterback Jared Goff, wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown or pull a legend like Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson.

But it's the words of Alex Anzalone you need to hear, Lions fans.

Anzalone is a defensive linebacker who has played in Detroit since 2021. He wears a captain's 'C' on his uniform. After you read the letter published recently in the Player's Tribune, you'll know why.

The letter, titled "To the City of Detroit" opens with the obvious - addressing the gutsy 4th down calls head coach Dan Campbell is either praised or maligned for depending on the commentator and/or outcome.

Anzalone says to a man the Lions were all-in on the 4th down calls. All of them.

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Clearing that up, he addresses how far the team has come in the Dan Campbell era, the sting of disappointment at the loss and the meaning of life outside of football.

Perhaps the most moving part of the letter describes Anzalone coming home after the San Fransisco loss, the reaction of his family and the first conversations with his young son.

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The Detroit Line, the Facebook page fully-throated in roar with the Lions shared the letter and prefaced it this way: "Gather some tissues and have a read"

"Daddy, you’re hoooooooome!!!! Wooohooooo!!"

Lindsey tried to do the whole “Daddy’s very tired from his game” routine, but Cooper wasn’t having any of it. He literally pulled my eyelids open like in a cartoon.

It took me another 30 minutes to roll myself out of bed, and then I think I just slumped on the floor while Cooper played with his toys all around me.

Dad, I wanna tackle!

“Dad’s got cracked ribs, buddy. Don’t tackle Dad today.”


So when we were hanging out, I finally asked him, “Hey buddy, did you watch the game?”

He said, “Yup!!”

I said, “Are you sad that we lost?”

He said, “Mmmmmm …… (long pause) …… Nope!!”


...Cooper asked me so innocently….

“Daddy, did you go to the Super Bowl?”

No, buddy. We didn’t. But don’t worry. We’ll get there.

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That's a small portion of a very long letter that will take you inside the locker room after the game, on the travel back home, and into the heads of some of the players.

It's essential reading for Lions fans everywhere. It may not take the sting out of the loss but know that the men on the field were feeling it just like you were.

Read the full 'To the City of Detroit' on the Player's Tribune.

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