Fennville High School Blackhawk fans will need to cheer for their JV team for the remainder of the 2023 season as the varsity schedule has been canceled.

The decision, while a bummer for the seniors on the team, was the responsible one when you learn the reasons behind it.

Fennville's Athletic Director explained in a letter to the community that was shared to Facebook that injuries had hit the varsity team over the course of the first four games of the campaign. There were too few upperclassmen left to field a team and the underclassmen who would fill the roster would be disadvantaged and open to injury if they competed against other schools juniors and seniors.

There were 3 seniors left on the Fennville varsity roster. While they won't suit up for the JV games, they'll be on the sidelines as assistant coaches - a classy gesture and nod to their leadership and mentorship of the younger players.

Traditional activities like recognition of the senior players, cheerleaders and band members will take place on a modified 'Senior Night' although the school is still working out those details.

Reaction on social media was largely positive as this comment best demonstrates:

While it is disappointing to not have a full Varsity team to play the rest of the season, it is definitely more important to put the safety of our kids first. Building up the program starting with rec sports is helpful, also maybe collaboration with the young and more experienced Fennville teams but not with just football but ALL of the sports.

There has been community chatter, but just chatter at this point, about having the seniors join the neighboring Saugatuck team to finish out the season.

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