On February 13, 2023, three students were killed and five others were wounded in a shooting on Michigan State University's campus.
Gunman Kills Three And Wounds Five At Michigan State University
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The gunman fled the shooting scenes - an academic building and the student union - prompting a manhunt. He later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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Law enforcement identified the suspect as Anthony Dwayne McRae, who had a history of mental illness.
One of the shooting victims who is still recovering in Sparrow hospital recived a suprise FaceTime from his favorite NBA Star James Harden.

MSU Shooting Survivor John Hao Gets FaceTime Call From NBA Star James Harden

James Harden, Who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, recently reached out to John Hao, a Michigan State student who was paralyzed from the chest down in a tragic shooting on the university's campus earlier this month.

James called John on FaceTime to offer him some encouraging words and sent him sneakers, including a game-worn pair.

Members of Harden's team also visited Hao at Sparrow Hospital where he remains after the shooting.

In the video that I shared below James offered up lot of hope and encouragement to John Hao saying

"Everything will work itself out. Be strong. You're alright, You'll be alright. I promise you are. I know it's tough right now but you have to stay phyiscally strong. You just gotta think postive thoughts and just keep pushing and keep fighting.


If you weren't a James Harden fan before you should be now.

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