One of the worst digital sins you can commit these days is to leave someone on read. But let's be honest, sometimes you just don't get to that message and by the time you think about it, it's way too late to look back.


Michigan is a state known for its Great Lakes and friendly Midwestern charm. When it comes to text messages, it seems like we Michiganders are breaking some communication rules without feeling bad about it.

According to recent study, Michigan is number 5 for most unread texts in the U.S., with an average of 4.86 unread messages at any given time. Sure, we're friendly, but apparently we're also busy or just unwilling to get around to that message you sent us.

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And it's not just limited to texts; emails also seem to fall victim to the Michigan disappearing act. Our state is number 18 in states with the most unread emails, averaging 8.39 unread messages. (Don't tell our bosses, we swear we opened it.)

What's perhaps most surprising is that despite the apparent digital distance, people in Michigan rank among the highest in the nation for considering themselves high-maintenance friends. They expect regular check-ins, calls, or face-to-face interactions. It's a paradox - the expectation for a high-touch friendship in real life, while digital messages are left hanging in the virtual void? Maybe Michiganders just prefer old-fashioned, in-person connections over the constant digital chatter.

Here's your pass if you have a few messages sitting in your inbox waiting for your attention. It turns out, it's just the Michigan way.

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