I love a good hobby with a niche. First, there were escape rooms, then there was axe throwing. Then there were rage rooms. Then came those wine nights where you paint something as a class.


This, however, was one hobby I never felt particularly thrilled to try, purely because I am friends with artists and I am the only one who isn't artistically inclined. I do not think I could take the look on their face when they see the monstrosity I have created.


Photo by Bárbara Fróes on Unsplash
Photo by Bárbara Fróes on Unsplash


However, some folks in Ferndale, MI have created a studio that requires zero artistic ability and will still let everyone leave with something they can be proud of.


What is Splatter Painting?

Do you remember during the COVID lockdown when everyone was doing the most obscure things possible just to keep themselves entertained? People would get millions of views by making paintings where their art wasn't done with a paintbrush but was left up to chance by creatively dripping (or splattering) paint onto the canvases. It was satisfying to watch, and now a studio in Ferndale is allowing you to make art like that yourself.



Michigan's First Splatter Painting Studio

Just as the name implies, Splatter is a new art studio that dubs itself as "Michigan's first immersive action painting studio." The "immersive action" is simple: you throw paint at the canvas to create abstract art that is unique to you. Think of it like a rage room but with painting.


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There will never be a repeat piece. Currently, Splatter offers splatter painting and pour+spin painting (where you pour paint on the canvas, spin it to move the paint around, and repeat until done), but according to the website, more painting techniques are on the way.



If you want to check out more of what they offer, you can check out their Instagram or official website.


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