Michigan's bigger cities like Grand Rapids and Detroit often get the most buzz, so it's nice to see a smaller town get some recognition.

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I will say though, with all of the lovely small towns in the Mitten State how did just ONE make this list?

I can think of quite a few Michigan cities that Far and Wide  missed in their “Best U.S. Towns With Fewer Than 10,000 Residents" ranking.

According to Far and Wide,

It’s here [in small towns] where you’ll find people who welcome you like family, in addition to some of the most astonishing landscapes in the U.S. While America's larger cities are definitely worth a visit (or multiple), this list focuses on lesser-known towns with 10,000 residents or fewer.

Far and Wide's pick for the best small town in Michigan?

Saugatuck Douglas Convention & Visitor's Bureau
Saugatuck Douglas Convention & Visitor's Bureau


Here's their praise for the West Michigan town, which comes in at No. 25.

Every summer, people from all over come to Saugatuck to enjoy Oval Beach. Once you’ve had your time in the sand, try local wines at Fenn Valley Tasting Room.

Saugatuck Douglas Convention & Visitor's Bureau
Saugatuck Douglas Convention & Visitor's Bureau

I do have to say, I knew Saugatuck was tiny - but THIS tiny? According to Far and Wide, the population of Saugatuck is just 978.

Thinking they had to to be incorrect, I looked it up. According to World Population Review, Saugatuck actually has a population of just 885!

Though I think more Michigan towns should have been included, Far and Wide's pick for the No. 1 best small town is pretty interesting - just one person lives there!

It's a place called Monowi, Nebraska:

It's the smallest incorporated municipality in the entire United States, there is nowhere in the country quite like Monowi. This minuscule Nebraska town was slowly abandoned by all but two of its residents: Elsie and Rudy Eiler. When Rudy passed away in 2004, Elsie became Monowi’s sole resident, mayor, librarian and bartender. People love to stop by the Monowi Tavern to chat with Elsie (pictured here) and learn about the town’s history.

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