Detroit has been the butt of jokes for years, and just as the city is on the up and up, people are clowning it once again. This time, however, it's for something that is a little outside its control.


NFL Draft

The Lion's stellar season last year was arguably the best story to come out of the NFL last season, putting a renewed spotlight back on the city.  As a result, the NFL is bringing the NFL Draft to the city of Detroit. With all the attention coming to the city, the city is giving itself a bit of a facelift.


Detroit's Economic Outlook Shows Positive Trend According To University Of Michigan Economic Report
Photo showing the construction of the NFL Draft being built. / Getty Images


Detroit's "Hollywood" Sign

The city of Detroit has installed a new sign along I-94 at Proctor that will greet visitors heading into the city. However, reception to the sign has been mixed, in large part due to a photo that has gone viral of a mock-up of the sign compared to the version that was put up.


Admittedly, it's easy to see why. When people heard that Detroit was getting a "Hollywood" like sign, the image people saw floating around online fit that description perfectly. Except that the version being advertised is actually just an AI-generated mockup, not actual concept art.



The actual concept art released by the City of Detroit, as seen in the image below, features a pretty accurate representation of the final product, as well the location is accurate to the area it was installed. The fake image above is not even in the right area of Detroit. Admittedly, I also fell for the fake image since I was only seeing the memes before I saw the actual concept art.




Reactions to the sign are still mixed overall, but the vision for the sign was consistent all the way through. If you want to see how the sign was made, check out the video below. How do you feel about the new sign? Let us know.


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This iconic mansion in Detroit sat crumbling since the 1980s before being restored in 2018.

Gallery Credit: Tommy McNeill

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