New gun laws for the state of Michigan have now gone into effect. Here are the new laws and what is expected by gun owners or those planning to be gun owners.

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What Was the Purpose of the New Michigan Gun Laws?

The whole purpose of the new gun laws is to protect Michigan families as Michiganders have learned from the most recent school shooting tragedies in Oxford and Michigan State University that protecting children from gun violence is very important.

When Did the New Laws Go Into Effect?

February 13, 2024, is the day 4 new gun laws have been enacted. These laws are for current gun owners and those who plan to own a gun in the future.

Michigan has gone from not having passed a gun safety law in over 40 years to now becoming a leader in gun safety for the entire country.

What Are the New Michigan Gun Laws?

1. Secure Storage Law

One of the new laws that will do a lot of good and has been proven to do well in other states is the new secure storage law. This law required individuals to keep unattended weapons unloaded and locked with a locking device or stored in a locked box or gun safe when a minor is likely to be present on the premises. This law will have the potential to bring down youth firearm deaths by 50% or more.

2. Universal Background Checks

Michigan has always had background checks but those were usually for handgun purchases. I recently purchased a shotgun and previous to this new law passing a full background check was done on me. What is different about the new background check is it will be for all firearms including long guns (AR-style guns). If you plan on a new gun purchase you will also need to plan on a small wait period because you will need to go through a national federal background check to purchase the firearm. These checks are looking for felony convictions, mental health history, or if you have been charged with domestic violence. Prospective gun buyers need to understand this is just a step in the process and not a restriction in getting a firearm.

3. Limits on Domestic Abusers

If you have been previously convicted of domestic violence you will not be allowed to purchase or own guns and ammo of any kind for 8 years.

4. Red Flag Laws

Red flag laws' sole purpose is to keep guns out of the hands of people who may harm themselves or other people. This would be based on medical and mental healthcare providers, law enforcement agencies, former spouses, family members, former girlfriends or boyfriends, and so on. The information collected will allow a judge to determine if a person should or shouldn't be allowed to own or purchase any type of firearms and ammunition.

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