I've said this before and I'll say it again; I love going on Zillow and just scrolling. There are so many huge homes that are just mind-boggling in scale. Like, who needs a home with 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms when you're a family of 4? Stuff like that where the size of the house doesn't make sense. But again, seeing how people fill all that much space is always intriguing.


But I've learned of a new, even rarer echelon of the mansion-type home: a MEGA mansion. A house so large that it has 12 bedrooms, and 11 bathrooms, has a second home on the property, and is over 34,000 sqft big. There is one of these mega-mansions in Detroit and it is being put up for auction this month.


Bishop Mansion / YouTube


Mega Mansion vs Mansion

Before we get into exploring the Bishop Mansion, let's break down what makes a mansion a Mega Mansion versus being a rather large mansion. According to Fortune Builders, a real estate education company, the difference between a mega-mansion and a mansion comes down to size. A mega-mansion needs to be "at least 20,000 square feet." In contrast, a mansion tends to hover around 5,000 to 8,000 sqft in size.


Photo by Daniel Barnes on Unsplash


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Bishop Mansion

The historic Bishop Mansion located in Detroit was built in 1925 and was named after Bishop Michael J. Gallagher, a former Catholic Bishop in Detroit. The house has had multiple owners over its nearly 100-year history but has sat vacant for a couple of years, leading it to be purchased by Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co. to be put up for auction.


The mansion reportedly has 10 fireplaces, a four-car heated garage, and an inground pool with a hot tub. Seems incredibly excessive to me, but hey, if someone has enough money to purchase this place I bet they'd love to brag about all 10 of their fireplaces.



YouTuber Paul Wolfert recently did a walkthrough of the entire mansion, so if you want to check out this mega-mansion you can do so via his video or check out the photos below.


Detroit's Historic Bishop Mansion Up for Auction

This massive, 32,000-square-foot mansion in Detroit's Palmer Woods District was built about 100 years ago.

It's not only served as the primary residence for Archbishops of the Archdiocese of Detroit, but it has also been owned by Detroit Pistons star John Salley.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre

Detroit's James Scott Mansion: Then and Now

This iconic mansion in Detroit sat crumbling since the 1980s before being restored in 2018.

Gallery Credit: Tommy McNeill