UPDATE: As of 1:00 pm on 3/14/24, the Tortoise has been found.


No, this is not a joke, and you may be wondering: how could someone lose an animal with an entire story dedicated to how slow it is? Well, I don't have an answer for that, but this isn't just any random tortoise that's gone missing. The owner has reached out to the public for help finding their endangered pet.


Sarah-Jean Adolphus
Sarah-Jean Adolphus


The African Spurred Tortoise

As you can see from the photo above, this isn't the type of tortoise you might expect one to own. The African Spurred Tortoise, or the sulcata tortoise as it is also called, is actually the largest mainland tortoise, coming in at a whopping 30 inches in length and weighing over 100 pounds. According to The San Diego Zoo, these big guys are pretty common pets and can be pretty energetic (for a tortoise). This TikTok shows just how large they get, and why people tend to get them as pets.


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Manistique's Missing Tortoise

According to the missing poster that was posted on the Facebook group Lost & Found Paws of the U.P., the sulcata tortoise that is missing in Manistique went missing on March 11th between 10 AM and 8 PM off CR448 in Manistique. Despite the size these tortoises can get up to, based on the photo and the weight given on the poster, this is still a rather young sulcata. It is 30 lbs, and the owner included this chilling warning:


He will die in the matter of days from the cold or wild animals.


What To Look For

If you live in this area, here's what to look for according to Facebook comments:

  • Since these animals are known to dig holes, look for holes in the dirt.
  • Check underneath trees, shrubs, porches, and brush.
  • They need to be warm, so check for perches where it may be sunbathing.
  • Disturbed ground or leaves.


In the end, the tortoise beat the hare. Hopefully, this tortoise and its owner also have a happy ending. If you see the tortoise, please refer to the number on the missing poster.


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