A national pizza chain is ready to have the tough conversation with your partner if you're ready to call it quits.

What Is A Goodbye Pie?

Pizza Hut recently revealed its Goodbye Pie, a pizza that can be delivered to someone in a special box that says "goodbye" along with their name. The promotion is being used to generate buzz around the chain's Hot Honey pizza.

"By sending a Goodbye Pie, Pizza Hut will help you break up with your significant other by delivering a personalized, simple message on custom packaging with a sweet and spicy Hot Honey pizza to ease the pain," Pizza Hut announced via a press release.

Pizza Hut Goodbye Pie Delivery
Pizza Hut Press Photo

A brand focusing on break-ups leading into Valentine's Day may seem like an odd choice. Pizza Hut, however, is citing a recent poll as evidence the day is just as much about being in love as it is falling out of love

"There's a misconception that breakups don't happen around Valentine's Day, but research shows it's actually a holiday centered around the most heartbreak with 45% of people agreeing it's better to do the deed right before the holiday itself," Pizza Hut's stated in a press release.

How To Get A Goodbye Pie

A limited number of Goodbye Pies are available at select Pizza Hut locations. The promotion ends Feb. 14.

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Those interested in sending a pizza to a soon-to-be ex can visit GoodbyePies.com to put in a request, From there, a "delivery driver will deliver the bad news in the best way."

Someone needs to tip those drivers extra.

If your Valentine's Day is trending more toward love rather than hate, you can always order heart-shaped pizzas from Papa Johns.

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