Holidays can be such a crazy time as you have family in town or even staying in your home, trying to make dinner for more than just your normal number of bellies, and there seems to be a million and one things going on at the same time. Those are all good problems to have and can be dealt with but one of the worst things that can happen on a holiday is needing something from the store.

As we enter the latter half of October, Thanksgiving is only 5 weeks away and now is the time to prepare for that big family dinner but also for the Black Friday shopping spree afterwards. Once upon a time you would load up on food, watch football, take a nap, eat more food, and then head to the stores to get the best deals possible. Since the Covid-19 pandemic the Thanksgiving holiday has looked much different.

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Since the pandemic many major retailers have been closing their doors on Thanksgiving and encouraging their employees to enjoy the holiday and spend time with their families. This wasn't always the case as many would have to rush and eat dinner to then be ready to work the early "Black Friday" shift.

I would expect this trend to continue as employees have enjoyed the time off with their families and continue to work hard. Some retailers have seen such great results from closing on Thanksgiving Day that they have come out and said they may never reopen for the holiday ever again. Some retailers may follow their suit and others may decide to do their own thing.

Here is a list of all of the retailers that will have their doors locked and lights off on the Thanksgiving holiday:

Major Retailers Closed On Thanksgiving Day

A List of retailers that will have all of their locations across the country closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Gallery Credit: Google Streetview