This long and arduous Republican primary is over, and it is time for the Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and moderate Democrats to unite around Donald Trump.

Donald Trump beat Senator Ted Cruz by 16.7 percentage points (53.25% to 36.64%) in yesterday’s Indiana primary.  Senator Cruz fought to the bitter end, but the people of Indiana decided that Trump was their man.  That being said, it is time for the people of America that do not like the policies or path we have been traveling on for the last 7½ years to come together and decide on a different path for America.

Yes, Donald Trump is not the typical candidate the Republican Party wants. Yes, Donald Trump does say some crazy things from time to time. And yes, Donald Trump does seem to rub people the wrong way at times.

The question I have is, is this the right person?  A person from outside the establishment who might actually shake the political tree, and do what is right for America as a whole and not what is right for the establishment party in power and their favored voting group?

Does Trump make some claims at times that sound bold and undoable? Yes he does, but what politician does not?  One thing Trump does do is dream big, dream big for America, and he wants to restore America to its once great prominence.

Is that feat doable?  We shall see.

Many American’s understand that the typical politician will not have what it takes to put forth the bold strategies and policies to attempt to reign in the abuses of the Washington elite and entrenched parties.

Might Trump?  Well, with the choices we have now for America he is the only one who has a chance of tipping over the money changers tables in Washington if elected.

Will he? We shall see if he is elected.

We know that if Hillary wins her party’s nomination and the presidency she will continue down the path of the establishment.  A path of limiting the freedom and liberty our forefathers fought and died for.

The question is, will you now look past whatever makes you not like Donald Trump, and see if he is the one to help foster a cultural change to create good paying jobs, protect America from our enemies from outside and in, and put us back on the correct path.

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