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I had an acquaintance challenge me today on the matter of energy in America. He is among those that believe Global Warming is a dire matter and if we don’t act immediately the consequences will be grave. He is among those that routinely sacrifices America at the alter of public opinion in some misguided belief that anything ailing the world is our fault. I took exception to his comments and he challenged me with “well what would you do?” I thought about that for about three seconds and then wrote this in reply.

Well, I would begin by making America completely self sufficient when it comes to energy. And I mean self-sufficient. Not importing any oil, or natural gas or anything- none, period. I would begin phasing out foreign oil, gas and coal today. I would focus on the massive amounts of Natural Gas we have in this nation. America has more NG than any nation on earth and it really is our ticket to the future. I believe Michigan has the fifth largest deposit of NG and that would mean not just jobs but careers for our family, friends and neighbors. I would continue to use oil as needed until NG became our primary source of energy. I would encourage the further development of solar energy collection. Michigan State University is on the cutting edge of clear energy collecting solar panels. I support MSU’s solar initiative whole-heartedly.  However I would ditch the misguided notion of wind turbines immediately as they are proving as I predicted long ago to be unreliable. The oceans of windmills also produce fairly small amounts of unpredictable energy, take up tremendous amounts of real estate, use an incredible amount of rare earth elements and can’t effectively or safely be hooked back into the grid. Utilities have learned that fluctuating current levels from turbines due to varying wind speeds make them difficult, almost impossible to regulate. Therefore it is impractical to plug them into the grid at all.

I would encourage domestic automakers to continue developing fuel efficient vehicles like the new Chevy Malibu for example that uses a new 1.5 liter engine and delivers an impressive 37 miles per gallon. However I would stop short of demanding CAFE standards of over 54 mpg. At some point you begin to impact safety for the occupants, which includes your family and mine. No amount of fuel efficiency is worth putting my loved ones at risk. I’ll bet you feel the same way.

I would lift the ban on exporting oil and that would trigger large infusions of cash into the largest economy in the world until we fully disengage from importing fuel. I would also explore ways to deliver vast quantities of NG to Europe which would accomplish a few things including: breaking Russia's iron grip on the EU, bringing tremendous revenue to the United State that could be used to create and re-create infrastructure. It would likely push Russia to it's financial knees and take away Putin's cash train- therefore limiting his ability to invade places like Ukraine. 

I would cut off any imports of oil that can be traced to any regime or nation that encourages attacking America, or killing Americans. This list would include but is not limited to: Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and more. 

I would build more pipelines to move the vast amount of Domestic oil and gas because we have learned that it is much safer to move oil and gas in pipes than it is on rail cars or trucks. 

I would hold accountable the companies that are cashing in on the new American energy renaissance. If companies are raking in big money then I will demand they keep things in order when it comes to safety. I will also hold those companies liable for any environmental damage from accidents involving their equipment. Penalties would be greatly multiplied if it is found the companies cut corners to inflate profits while putting the rest of us at risk. I embrace the term good corporate partners and I will demand such.

I would encourage American Universities to return to what they lead the world in, research. I would let American entrepreneurs do what they are best at, finding things that work in a competitive market at the best price possible. 

I would end the foolishness of calling CO2 a pollutant and focus on real pollution like pharmaceutical drugs going down toilets and into our eco system. 

I would also spend considerably more time and money on invasive species that are currently destroying such natural wonders as the Great Lakes and no money on cap and trade schemes that do little to help the environment or protect so much as a single salamander. 

In the end, I would do the single most important thing. I would tell my kids the truth about America. And what is the truth you ask? First, that America is the greatest nation in the history of nations and that our generous people have almost single handily pushed mankind forward with history changing innovations in transportation, medication and communication. I would explain that freedom and liberty are the things that make men soar to unimagined heights in all disciplines, business, medicine, art, music and literature to name a few. A free society gives men the freedom to fail. Yes fail. You see it is often spectacular failure that ultimately leads to great success.

I would make clear that not only is America exceptional but that she is also unparalleled in the world today and in world history. 

I would set the record straight on the matter of human rights and illuminate the milestones of ending tyranny, ending slavery, of women's suffrage, civil rights for all races and creeds and genders and I will stand steadfast against those that foolishly try to paint America as a villain. I would explain that the world has been blessed with the blood of free Americans not fighting for themselves but rather fighting for the dignity and freedom of others. I would set the record straight of what it really means to be an American.

I would explain that we are all Americans first. We can all be proud of where we came from and proud of our family tree but our timber is American, genuine and true.

I would, no make that I will, explain to all that will listen my unbridled almost giddy passion for America and everything it is. I will look them in the eye and tell them what it truly means to be a proud God fearing American. I was truly blessed to be born here in this great nation.

Anything is possible in the nation and it always has been. It all starts with believing again in the greatness of America. I believe in America- I always will and it is this message that I will carry forward in my heart and mind every day.

So now I ask you- what would you do?