It is an insult to every member of the American military in fact all Americans to leave Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki in his job. When we call on men and women to defend this nation we make a promise to care of them as they may need upon their return. We have failed as a nation in this endeavor. President Obama is failing us as the Commander in Chief by not holding Shinseki responsible despite overwhelming evidence that he was made aware of these ‘systemic’ problems for years.

Another 6 Democratic Senators seeing the truth of the scandal and what it means to all Americans crossed the aisle and joined the call for Shinseki to be fired and fired now! The newest Senators joining the call— Mary Landrieu (La.), Mark R. Warner (Va.), Timothy M. Kaine (Va.), Tom Udall (N.M.), Martin Heinrich (N.M.) and Jeff Merkley (Ore.) — called on him to step down, joining five others who called for his ouster on Wednesday.

I said if Shinseki remained in the job after today the President and all Democrats would likely pay a high political price. Well it’s after dark and the pay window is now open.