It’s the Teachers, Idiot!

So when high school football players kneel during the national anthem at Lansing Catholic Central High School in Michigan or a dozen members of the Ames Iowa band walk off during the Star Spangled Banner it is a slap in the face of all Americans. Please don’t give me that drive about how it’s their right to freedom of speech and expression. It is but the schools all have the power to set it right. That is what happened in Lansing, but the jury is still out in Iowa.

What I really want to know however is who the hell did these ingrates have for teachers the past several years? Where are these kids parents? If these morons actually knew what the rest of the world is like maybe they would pull their craniums from their rectums and get their act together. I lay the blame for this kind of wholesale bs at the feet of the teachers that have allowed this catastrophic failure to occur in the first place.

If my kid pulled that kind of stunt, I would walk right out on the field and yank the little SOB up by his jersey and drag him to the locker room. He would be grounded for the rest of the year. No car, no cash, no phone and I mean nothing else! I would grab that jerk by the collar and get his attention.

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