Islamic Terrorists that is what these pigs were in San Bernadino, California, period. So for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Martin O'Malley- I agree, 'enough is enough!' But I am not referring to them calling for gun control to combat those that want to kill us… no I’m saying it’s to call a spade a spade.

It is time to call Islamic Terrorism for what it is- a scourge on the planet. It is time to have the courage to admit your leftist 'can't we all get along' bs is putting everyone in danger, everyone- including you progressives that just refuse to look at the truth.

Say it- Islamic Terrorist! Radical Islamic Terrorists. Radical jihad… Say it.

It is time Democrats stop blaming hard working, law abiding, good and decent Americans for the sickness pouring out of Islamic religious zealots. It is time to admit there is a serious problem- a cancer growing both here and abroad that does not need to be contained but rather annihilated without mercy. I for one am tired of the candy ass and timid language. It is time to kill these bastards- all of them. I don't care if they are men, women or children. If they are a threat to me, or my family or my country they must be eradicated without delay. Yes- I agree enough is enough, so let's get to it.

I in part provide funding  'provide for the common defense' and I am willing to pay more. It is time to rise up America- reject Obama and Hillary and all their useless and feckless platitudes- it's time for common sense and self defense.

Again - say it slowly, clearly and say it out loud so people can hear you- Islamic Terrorists- and help them to understand.

This has nothing to do with law abiding Americans owing guns or those that have concealed weapons permits. But Democrats just cannot help themselves. It is a biological fact- no matter what happens- the first instinct it to blame America first. They spend little time focused on the truth. Well here it is:

FACT: More people have been killed and injured in France just this year in mass shootings- 510 than have been killed and injured in US mass shootings since Barack Obama became President- 426. Truth is a bitch. How's that strict gun control working for the French?