I mean seriously at what point do we ask is anybody actually driving the bus? President Barack Obama announced to the world last night ISIS (Islamic State) is not Islamic and today Secretary of State John Kerry made it clear we are ‘not at war’.

Phew- that is certainly good news. I mean I had some foolish idea that terrorists cutting off the heads of innocent American journalists on international TV in the name of Allah might actually be Islamic. I also had this screwy idea that if ISIS (Islamic State) declared war on the United States which they have that we might actually acknowledge that declaration and return the sentiment.

However our Coward in Chief cannot admit either one of two possibilities and those are 1.) He is wrong, out of touch and obviously incompetent or 2.) He is actually complicit in allowing the terrorist caliphate to spread and greatly increase the threat to our nation.

The one shred of good news is that FINALLY most Americans are getting it. Except for Reverend Al and a few, obviously mentally ill sycophants the rest of us (even those that bought into Hope and Change) are tuned into the real and present danger of ISIS and of this President pretending to be a leader.