We will kill them “Until we run out of fuel and bullets”. That was the angry threat issued to the ISIS Islamic terrorists after they burned a Jordanian Pilot to death while he was chained inside a cage.

King Abdullah's words were echoed by military leaders who promised an “earth-shaking” response to the vile killing. But it was the words of their King who commanded his nation's special forces before assuming the throne in 1999, that could foreshadow what is in store for the black-clad Islamic terrorist army whose atrocities have shocked the civilized world.

Will it really be Jordan that finally steps up and stands tall in the face of the slaughter of innocent people from all over the world? It seems it just might be.

The King in Washington this week could certainly have shared some of his knowledge of leading a nation in a war against terrorism with President Obama. After all it seems Obama is still incapable of even uttering the words Islamic Terrorist.

I guess the Islamic JV squad is about to find out if it can play ball against a former special forces commander who is not willing to stand by and let his countrymen get slaughtered without response.

I for one am quite interested in how Abdullah handles the mission he's about to undertake and if he will do as so many have proclaimed, someone must and that is leave smoking ruins and sobbing widows of these Islamic terrorists.