I was amazed today to see the temperature rise to 30 degrees. Quite a milestone considering the past few weeks and how brutally cold it has been. It was the coldest February in Grand Rapids and Flint too! Too many record cold temperatures were set around the state to even begin to recount them all here.

Great Lakes ice cover has reached 89%. With warming weather that may be it for adding ice this winter but you never know. Either way it was another epic winter here in Michigan. In fact it is the first time since good records have been kept that the big lakes passes 80% ice cover in consecutive years.

So now what about spring? A farmer friend of mine tells me that they are often in the fields in late April planting corn and beans. I find that unlikely this year but again wouldn’t that be great?

Lets be honest we could all use some warm weather and sunshine to shake off the long cold winter!