State Senator Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, introduced legislation that would enforce the age old rule that you should use a bathroom corresponding to your biological sex.

His bill introduced in the Senate yesterday states that Michigan school districts would be required to have students use bathrooms corresponding to your biological sex.  Districts would also need to offer accommodations for Michigan students who identify as a different sex than they are biologically, but parents would need to put in writing, to the school, that they know and understand that their child identifies as a different gender.

The legislation was prompted by the voluntary LGBT guidance being considered by the State Board of Education and the Michigan Department of Education, which was advising school districts to allow K-12 students to choose the bathroom and locker rooms that corresponds to their gender identity, not their gender at birth.  The most controversial part of the proposed guidance concerned the fact that if the student did not want their parents to know of their choice, the school was to not inform their parents.

State Senator Casperson was quoted in a MLive article stating:

The fact that they would allow a child to say 'I don't want my mom and dad to know' that they're taking such a big leap in life... is unacceptable

Lonnie Scott, the executive director of the liberal advocacy group Progress Michigan, was quoted in the MLive article stating:

The last thing we need is Michigan Republicans like Tom Casperson policing student bathrooms and locker rooms and putting Michigan back in the national spotlight for again refusing to protect marginalized people in our state.  Transgender students — like all students — deserve respect and equal treatment, they don't need conservatives like Tom Casperson telling them how, when and where to use public facilities

I would ask Mr. Scott, is it ok for people that believe in what he believes in “policing student bathrooms and locker rooms and putting Michigan back in the national spotlight for again refusing to protect marginalized people in our state”.  Are they not doing the same thing?

I would also ask Mr. Scott if non-transgender students “deserve respect and equal treatment”,  and if they need Liberals like Lonnie Scott telling them that they must go to the bathroom and bath with people of the opposite biological sex.

The concern most people have is not with transgendered people, but with those who will use these transgender policies to access the girls bathroom for whatever perverted thoughts they have in their minds.  Also, the fact that the voluntary guidance advises the schools to keep vital information about their children hidden from their parents makes me very concerned.

By the way there are roughly 99.7% of Americans who are not transgender, and about 0.3% who do identify as transgender.

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