Every close race for the United States Senate across the nation is now trending to the Republicans. All except one, Michigan. In fact several states that were considered safe are now looking like they will be GOP pick-ups including Colorado and Iowa. Some states have even been taken off the dark blue safe shelf for a closer look including Minnesota and Illinois.

Is Michigan really the only state in the country that hasn’t had it’s fill of incompetence in Washington? Because really that is what this election is all about. It is a referendum on Barack Obama and all of his policies… mostly failed policies both foreign and domestic. Did we somehow get the Hope and Change and everyone else just missed it? I don’t think so and neither do you.

My guess with 30 days to go before the midterms is the GOP will have a very big night on November 4th and Mitch McConnell will soon be the Senate Majority Leader in Washington. I also still think Michigan will end up following the national trend and if it doesn’t then the state Republicans will wonder forever if the party missed the easiest pickup in a generation by fielding a weak candidate in an open race.

Time will tell… about 30 days I guess.