The former head of the Michigan Republican Party is getting deeper into the battle now in the race for governor.  Saul Anuzis is calling out Democrat Mark Schauer for lavish trips and travel on the taxpayer dime. is reporting today that Anuzis leveled his allegations of "class warfare" while talking to reporters on Monday in Lansing.

"He's trying to make it us versus them.  It's the rich people against the average guy.  It's the business class guy against the working class guy," Anuzis said, pointing to a recent trip to Nantucket Island.

"How many working class guys are flying around in Lear jets and spending $1,400 on dinner in Washington, D.C. and hanging out in Nantucket/"

The former GOP Chair and now current head of Coast to Coast Strategies says Schauer is "living the life of the rich and famous" while continuing to pound Governor Snyder's policies that he says only benefit the rich.

The article lists the cost of the charter flight at just under $1,700 and the cost of a dinner bill at just over $1,400.

The Michigan Republican party has filed at least three campaign finance complaints against Schauer and his running mate Lisa Brown.

While Snyder has opted to keep the message positive this election cycle, Anuzis had made no such pledge.

"Rick Snyder has a record to run on," he said.  "I get frustrated because I think a guy like Mark Schauer is taking advantage of the political situation and sometimes the naivete of many of the voters."

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