I have been called, racist and xenophobic for demanding accountability when it comes to keeping us safe from terrorists. I demanded Governor Rick Snyder take a closer look at his policies regarding Middle Eastern refugees coming to Michigan. I also strongly question President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the liberal Democrats for refusing to use the term Islamic Terrorists in light of the carnage in Paris, Chattanooga, Beirut and beyond. The insults I’ve endured have come from big name liberal attorneys in places like Lansing that listen to the show to those that never listen, and are just sniping from the shadows.

From where I stand, I give everyone a voice in the conversation. Is my voice louder? Of course it is, after all it is my program and I decide the topics and where the conversation leads. However, to call me names because you simply don’t agree with my otherwise valid points is absurd. In fact, I would say throwing word bombs when you cannot defend your position is petulant, like a child. It is also typical and predictable.

The best part of the Constitution’s First Amendment is that everyone gets to be heard in America. Shouting down or trying to silence those you don’t agree with is not what made this country great and it’s not what progressives claim they stand for. It seems however the left is getting ever more shrill when discussing almost anything of interest in politics these days.

For some however, if you do not have a valid argument or a good point to make, the next best choice is hurling insults and accusations. Well as my mother often said, ‘do not lower yourself to their level.’  Well said mom but can I at least put up a letter defending myself by way of someone else? I’m sure she’d be ok with that.

With that in mind I share with you a letter I received today from The Islamic Center of East Lansing:

Dear Steve,

Thank you for hosting Asra Nomani this morning on your show and asking her several challenging questions to bring knowledge and clarity to your listeners.

Asra was very informative and I wanted to thank you both for doing this educational segment aimed at dispelling the misunderstanding of Islam and Muslims.

The Islamic Center of East Lansing has been around for about 37 years and we go about practicing our religion privately and peacefully and do our share to be contributing citizens both locally and beyond.

I hope you you can invite Asra again to talk about sharia as that is a very misunderstood concept. I hope you can have a dedicated segment to talk about sharia and help educate our fellow citizens on it.


In this day and age, if the Islamic Center thanks me for the work I do, I wonder how the hardcore progressives can still cast stones? But they will, they will. After all that’s what they do when they have no valid or defensible argument.

In the words of my favorite liberal, Kurt Vonnegut Jr and so it goes.