Cannabis is readily available in Michigan thanks to the states Medical Marijuana program, and the recent legalization of recreational cannabis for adult use. But can it cure Covid-19? The answer is no, said Norbert Kaminski, a pharmacology and toxicology professor at MSU. But it can help with side effects.

At MSU Professor Kaminski continues to focus on the medical benefits of certain cannabinoids, zeroing in on the ones that help reduce inflammation, and says it may help deal with some of Covid-19 long term effects.

City Pulse reports First, some clarity: “We don’t have enough information to suggest it would be a positive thing to consume cannabis if you have COVID-19, especially smoking. This is really more about specific compounds that are well characterized and could, potentially, down the road, become useful for certain conditions,” said Norbert Kaminski, a pharmacology and toxicology professor at MSU.

Since the early 90’s the professor has studied the mechanisms affecting the immune system by certain cannabinoids which are the constituents of cannabis. He has so far identified over 100 varieties, and some of them could be helpful in reducing the body’s inflammatory response. Norbert has been working with the biopharmaceutical company known as GB Sciences. They are researching the effects that certain cannabinoids have on modifying the immune system response, which should reduce the body’s natural instinct to swell. One of the possible treatments they are exploring, Long-term lung inflammation brought on by Covid-19.

City Pulse reports “It’s a small part. Our interest in cannabinoids is much broader than just COVID-19,” Kaminski added. “Our interest is really on how these certain compounds can modulate the immune system. And what we’ve found is that several of these can be good anti-inflammatory agents.” Kaminski said some non-psychoactive chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant, when isolated, can effectively focus its effects entirely on the body’s immune system rather than the nervous system.

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Research continues as we learn more about the Covid-19 virus every day. Finding new ways to fight the destruction of the body by the coronavirus are making progress, here in Michigan and around the world.

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