Steve Jobs never went to college but his products are the darling of the upper crust and especially the Ivy leaguers. In fact his Apple products are the cutting edge, make a difference “I cannot believe I ever lived without it” kind of life changing little computers that have taken over the world.

I was in an Apple store today and watched a young Chinese man roll in to return a half dozen i6 phones. Why? Simple, because China has now relented and will be allowing the Apple magic phones into their country too. Meaning the sack full of iPhones would no longer make a big fat profit like the young man first planned.

I was buying a new i6 as my wife Ivey was doing the same. They really are an incredible piece of equipment and a testament to cutting edge technology. What Apple is most is an incredible salute to America, it’s people, it’s desire to move forward, it’s desire to change the world!

My hat is off again to college drop out and American genius Steve Jobs. By the way I do love the i6- at least so far.