The Insane Inflatable 5K — a new dynamic and extreme obstacle race, made up solely of inflatable obstacles — will challenge you, surprise you, and leave you bouncing back for more!

We didn’t just throw together a couple slides and bounce houses – we took imagination, creativity, and a collection of notes on bar napkins, and went to the leading manufacturer of custom inflatables. We told them, “Throw out the rulebook, we want to go extreme and INSANE!”

Take a look for yourself:

The Insane Inflatable 5K is endorsed by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports and by the Pure Michigan FITness Series.

The nationwide event comes to Lansing on Saturday, Aug. 2 at the Red Cedar Golf Course, 203 S. Clippert St. in Lansing.

Register and purchase tickets for the Insane Inflatable 5K here.

Follow this link for a FAQ on the event. Visit the Insane Inflatable 5K homepage for more info.

The Insane Inflatable 5K in Lansing is sponsored by: