This feline has been nicknamed "BatCat" after it's long stay then 70 foot fall from a tree in Evansville, Indiana.

Residents that live near Thompkins Middle School say this cat had been stranded in this tree for at least 5 days.  Each day the cat would climb a little higher.  That's when the High Score Saloon stepped in to help according to 14 News,

High Score Saloon offered $200 to a tree trimmer or someone who might have the equipment to come get it down.  DJ’s Tree Service provided a foreman to climb up and retrieve Batcat, but the cat was too tired and scared to move. So they used a saw to cut the cat down.

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As the tree service attempted to save the cat using their bucket truck, the cat climbed further down a branch.  The tree service cut that branch leading to a scary, 70 foot fall for the kitty.  The cat proved the cliché' to be true as it landed on it's feet.  BatCat was a little weak and dehydrated from it's long stay in the tree.  However, the kitty seemed to be uninjured from the fall.  The kitten will need some medical care and the High Score Saloon is taking donations.  Click here to see the video of the cat rescue provided by 14 News.

You can see more info and a picture of BatCat in the facebook post below.



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