Talk about indecision.  Dollar Tree Inc., the parent company of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, has reversed their mask policy yet again and now require customers, vendors, and employees to be masked at all times when inside of their stores.  The two dollar store chains seem to be mimicking the United States Government with their constant flip-flopping of coronavirus related mask policies.

From the beginning of the pandemic through July 8th, the two chains did not require masks in their stores but that changed as more retailers nationwide began to require masks to shop.  From July 8th through July 20th, the stores required employees, shoppers, and vendors to wear masks when inside the store.  But, on July 20th, the stores decided that this mask "requirement" would be changed to a mask "request" and masks were now just encouraged.

But, to just add to the confusion and indecision, Dollar Tree Inc. decided to change their mask policy yet again!  As of August 9th, the two stores are now requiring all of their employees, vendors, and customers to wear masks upon entering the building.

Will they change their tune again and remove the mask requirement?  Who knows...

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