The question everyone in the media and all who voted for Biden should be asking is will Biden publicly rebuke Representative Rashida Tlaib for calling Senator Cruz a “dumbass”?

Last Wednesday United States Senator Ted Cruz tweeted the following:

People can certainly disagree with that viewpoint but should other “elected” officials who disagree with his viewpoint call him a “Dumbass”?  Well once again Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib embarrassed her constituents and the people of Michigan when her brilliantly intelligent response to Senator Cruz's tweet was her own tweet stating the following:

The best her supporters can come up with is no one ever said she was smart or articulate.  By the way, I did not say she embarrassed herself since she has proven that she is incapable of doing so.

You may not remember but I informed my listeners and readers back on January 4, 2020, that she told an audience that she was proud to teach her 13-year-old son the word “Motherf*&$er”.  In fact, she encourages people to use that term whenever referring to a President of the United States if you disagree with their policies.

Rashida is such a class act and a great symbol of the Democratic Party these days.  If Biden does come out and rebuke her publicly and demand that she apologize to Senator Cruz I will withdraw my comment about her being a great symbol of the Democratic Party these days.

The balls in your court Joe, what will you do?

Wonder if everyone in the Press will actually ask Joe and every elected Democrat their thoughts on her tweet?

My advice; don’t hold your breath.  They will cover this up like they cover everything bad the Democrats do.


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