I’ve been talking it about it ever since President Obama’s manufactured border crisis involving tens of thousands of children from Central and South America began. The so called ‘Dream Act’ fathered by Barack Obama and nurtured by progressive co-conspirators has created an increasing surge of kids running over our southern border. It seems Republicans have no plan to stop the invasion either. I’ve warned about the onslaught and was clear it was just a matter of time before those kids started getting dumped right here in Michigan. It now seems my prediction is coming true with startling accuracy.

The website Tuscolatoday.com announced today the first dumping ground appears to be Vassar. The small community in the Thumb appears to be gearing up to start housing the illegals and it will likely happen soon.

Here is the article for you to read and decide.

The illegal kids are coming just like I said they would weeks ago and I further suggest they will likely never leave. It’s time for Michigan residents to decide if we are ok with that.