He had been deported twice for drug offenses and violence. Yet here he was able to go on a rampage killing two California Sheriff’s Deputies and critically wounding another woman.

Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte's background almost certainly should have flagged him for expulsion. But in this day of political correctness and Barack Obama’s push to allow a mass influx of illegals to overwhelm the system and guarantee Democrats will never lose another national election he was left alone. Any call for him to be permanently deported would have been met with cries of racism and America is a bad nation. The truth is a nation without borders is no nation at all.

In the end this illegal aliens bloody rampage may become a rallying cry for common sense Americans who do not now nor ever will support mass amnesty for millions of people living in this nation illegally… no matter how they got here or how old they were when they did.

Please remember the slaughter of Sheriff’s deputies at the hands of an illegal Mexican drug dealer and do not get bamboozled by nonsense talk about ‘immigration reform’.