The American people have been demanding change on a variety of hot button issues over the past several years and for the most part- We The People have been soundly ignored.

When we Americans demanded the southern border with Mexico be closed and controlled to contain a massive influx of illegal aliens, we were ignored. When we demanded that those in Washington stop the out of control reckless spending and get the debt under control, we were ignored. The economy has been stagnant at best for the past couple of years, we demanded more and we got ignored. We have been begging for a break on our taxes that seem to be going up at the local, state and federal level all the time and we were ignored. We have been buried in excessive red tape in just about everything we do from getting a ‘license’ to go to work, to the EPA now controlling mud puddles to the NSA and everyone else watching and listening to us all the time, we said no more and we were ignored. We demanded the military be maintained and kept in good order and we demanded that those that had served our country be treated with dignity and respect and once again we were ignored.

We will be ignored no more. There has come a moment of reckoning.

Whether or not you are a supporter of Donald Trump or the other rebel in the race Bernie Sanders, you likely identify with many of their points about the corrupt nature of Washington, crony capitalism, broken borders, broken promises and that nobody there seems to understand or actually care about the rest of us out here in the hinterlands. I mean as I am going through my third insurance change since the roll out of Obamacare, members of Congress are not concerned because they don’t use Obamacare, they are exempt. How can that be? How can laws be passed for us peasants, forced upon us with penalties and threats and members of Congress are exempt?

I have heard many people say over the past few months what difference does it make anyway? The politicians in Washington don’t care about us. The folks we send to look out for us spend more time looking out for themselves and padding their wallets. That’s true of people on both sides of the aisle. I mean how many former Congressman and Senators become filthy rich after leaving office? I can tell you the number is nearly 100%. Former Vice President has turned his Global Warming charade into a giant fortune in just 15 years. Gore’s net worth was estimated at around $1.7 million dollars in 2001 and now it is somewhere around $400 million. Yeah, it’s good work if you can get it.

That’s why people are angry. People on the left are angry. People on the right are angry. It seems American’s in general are angry.

The reasons are pretty straight forward year after year problems that are so obvious a five year old could figure them out continue to grow. I mean how tough is it to understand if you take in 5 dollars and spend 6, it isn’t going to last very long? We go to the polls each election cycle and whether we vote for hope and change or are just hoping to change something, more often than not we are simply forgotten. They seem to remember our phone numbers right about the time they want more money to run for office again. They also remember to keep telling us how much they care about us the ‘ordinary Americans, or middle class or working people’ or whatever cliché they can muster in their stump speeches.

They will tell us how they are the only choice and voting for the other guys will be a disaster. Well from where I am standing neither side has done us many favors over the past few years.

To me it really began to fall apart in October of 2008 when then President George W. Bush signed the first major bailout of the financial sector. He sent $700 billion dollars careening down a rat hole as far as I can tell. I thought to myself that day it could be the beginning of the long slow unraveling of America. I am yet to be convinced I was wrong. The plan allowed the Treasury Department to spend all of that money to buy things like bad mortgages but it also included more than $100 million dollars for tax breaks, so called incentives and expanding the coverage of individual accounts under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The problem is I can’t say for sure it did much of anything besides tack $700 billion dollars onto our national debt.

Four months later newly minted President Barack Obama decided after less than a month in the Oval Office it was time to put more cash on the fire. He dumped an incredible $800 billion more dollars into the hands of many that may have played a role in the economies demise. In the end it didn’t seem to do much either. I can assure you it tacked another $800 billion on to the bill that you, our kids, their kids, in fact everybody’s kids, grandkids and me owe to the Chinese and others funding our financial follies.

Both Republicans and Democrats will kick and scream and carry on and tell you why what they did worked and they can ‘prove it’. Here is what I can say for sure, our debt is $19 Trillion dollars and growing. Both sides, lets just be honest, have piled on the pet projects to do such important jobs as researching the sexual habits of fruit flies and perfecting the best way to cultivate medical marijuana for use by federal transgendered inmates. None of them have had the courage to say the one thing most of them need to hear, no! They have not had the courage to push themselves away from the table and stop gorging themselves on the seemingly endless piles of taxpayer dollars. They are frankly too chicken s#@* to do what it takes to lead or to be a good parent, the ability to say “I’m sorry but we just cannot afford that right now.” Instead they raise our taxes and keep finding cute ways to cover up the truth. They call them fees or surcharges or a hundred other things. If you are taking money from me for a government program whether I like it or not, it is a tax and that is a fact.

The problem with George W’s Wall Street bailout or Obama’s so called stimulus package, is that we just don’t see results. We see an ever larger government feeding at the buffet with no self control and no care at all about what is happening to our country.

No wonder people are fed up with it all. Of course one sides solution is even more taxes and even more free stuff with no way to foot the bill and that is just insane to be polite. It is the best way to stay in power however, promise to forcefully take stuff away from one guy and give it to another guy because he wants it.

I guess after awhile people just get tired of not being listened to. I guess when people get frustrated they get desperate and when they get desperate they tend to get angry and when they get angry they look for solutions and that my friends is why Donald Trump continues to win and Bernie Sanders who isn’t even a Democrat at all has won something like 18 or 20 states on that side of the street.

I won’t make any predictions quite yet about what happens in November but I will not bet against the guy who appears to be an outsider who will run against a political machine- an aging machine but the Clinton machine nonetheless.